i had my 1st yoga experience yesterday. Did you know there are more than 20 types of yoga? the one i tried was HOT YOGA and the yogi (hahah, yogi bear) was an India Indian lady with the typical Indian slang. the room is heated so it was like being in sauna-lite.

basic yoga is simple, just stretching and holding it in position. i had difficulty with the back stretch (getting old) but the rest were simple. however, we were sweating like pigs ( i didnt know i had that much water in me) due to the heat in the room and also the mats were smelly and damp from the previous class ugh...a few ppl left cos they couldnt stand it but i persevered. the man beside me was sweating (imagine curly leg hair and sweat hahaha) and panting...

at the end of class, lights off with soothing music (note to self; download enya) and it was really relaxing.i felt really great after the class, unfortunately waiting 2 hours for dear to finish his gym session, spoiled my mood.


River of Karma said...

Yea, too many cos yoga is not saturated to a point of obscenity. Been doing it for years, and it's getting desecrated by the day.

Hopefully you found one that is more closer to the original and not made for someones pockets.

hungheykwun said...

river of karma: woopsie...but im not sure what original yoga is like..dang

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