public displays of affection

I remembered when I first went to Melbourne. I did not experience culture shock but I did gawk when i saw couples locking lips in public. i was 25 at that time. so sakai malaysia, close proximity is prohibited to the point where you get fined or hauled to court. so what is acceptable?
  • holding hands
  • holding hips (that's difficult for me, cos I've got a huge ass, didnt work for my former beau, but we fit together nicely - for my current dear)
  • peck on cheek (now we define peck as less than 2 seconds contact..haha)
  • peck on lips
what's wrong with public displays of affection? afraid that it would lead to something more? what a backward way of thinking..we're teaching our children that love is wrong, it should be hidden behind closed doors. that's like banning cars because accidents kill


Gallivanter said...

It's got nothing to do with backward thinking, more like RESPECT towards others. I blogged about this a few days ago too.

hungheykwun said...

gallivanter - i cant see hugs or pecks on cheeks are disrespectful. wanna talk disrespectful, smoking in public places is even worse

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