u know you're a transformers fansee when..

  • u see a treler panjang on the road and half expect it to do transform
  • u start naming yr kelisa bumblebee
  • yr ringtone goes kikikukukekkek (sound of transforming)
  • after meeting finish, instead of dismissing everyone, u go: autobots, transform and roll out
  • u work for a mechanical engineering company, when someone orders 10 units of transformers, you say, "Sorry, only released on 28 july 2007
  • when your baby does a number 2 and diaper needs to be changed, u look at yr spouse: One shall stand, one shall fall...
  • yr wife is cooking steak, u look at the meat and say: "well, thats just PRIME.."
more after i've seen the movie..heh heh.im more of a beast machine and beast wars fan


satkuru said...

heheheh good one. i realized a lot of ppl used that transforming sound for their phones :P

hungheykwun said...

satkuru: i want to use that ringtone too but tak tau where to get it....

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