012- 22 33 44 5
016- 88 88 88 8

would u buy such handphone numbers for few thousands of dollars? some ppl would. and what happens then?

Ah beng: hey check out my new number! 012-2233445

Abu: waaa...nice number man very the unique.

Ah beng: sure la, i spend rm888 to buy it sure nice lar..eii faster save my number la

Abu:waaa u damn 9 rich har...just for the number u willing to spend so much....(proceeds to save
Ah beng's number into his handphone under AH BENG)

Ah beng: sure la..manyak ong punya number

so....2 days later, abu wants to call ah beng. what does he do? phone->address book-> he types AH BENG and presses the CALL button. did he use the 012-2233445 at all?

the only ONG it brought was to the handphone seller laughing all the way to the bank.

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Gallivanter said...

LOL, I was about to say the same thing - people don't remember numbers, just the name in the contact...

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