Someone got fired

a friend of mine told me of a hamsap (Sexist and making offensive remarks of the opposite gender) blog that is kept by her colleague. it entails his encouters with females in lrt and gender demeaning remarks regarding boobs. however i did not get to read those entries as he had removed them. turned out someone found his blog and reported him to management. a few days later, i learned he was fired (reasons unknown)

was he fired due to his blog? was his dismissal justified? being a blogger myself, i felt defensive, he had the right write his thoughts and publish them as they weren't offensive pictures or videos (there are blogs out there that are much worse!) and aside from those hamsap entries, the rest of his blog was pretty decent (it focused on photography).

lesson learnt here:

  • if u keep a blog, do it in yr own time

  • chg names and if photos reveal identity, censor them

  • if you're going to post controversial issues, have the common sense not to use your real name or phone number (heck, mine is a SAFE blog..and its my real name!)

  • draw a line between yr online and offline life


freethinker said...

wah...kena dooced

Bryan said...

That's not surprising. I know someone who was stupid enough to put up a special blog just to rant about his company and his bosses. Although he masked his identity he didn't realize he left enough clues for ppl to id him without a doubt. They found out and fired him.

hungheykwun said...

freethinker - he got served!

bryan - i'm just wondering, do companies have the power to fire u over a blog that may/may not belong to u based on reasonable doubts?

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