Pets vs baby

i know, its unethical to compare babies to animals but hey...a fren of mine mentioned that i shld get a baby instead of pets (i have 6 hedgehogs, and a dog). this is just a 'fun' post, ppl, no offense to parents worldwide. and yes, i do intend to get one in this 5 years.

  • generates side income for me in 6 months
  • i bathe them once a week
  • i can ignore them
  • i can put 6 of them in one place
  • they are always hapi to see me
  • they dont complain abt their food
  • their maintenance cost is lower
  • the dog pees when i scold her
  • might or might not generate side income for you and that takes 18 years!
  • need to bathe them twice a day (minimum)
  • cant be ignored
  • try putting 6 of them in 1 place
  • sometimes they cry, throw temper tantrums...
  • they throw food at you
  • diapers, milk powder, preschool, college, university....
  • they pee whether or not i scold them

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