cleanliness is next to godliness

this morn, was debating on men's car vs men's house. well, im not a man, but my hygienic level aint the same as a women's either. im a hoarder (yes folks, this is hereditary), im reluctant to throw things away no matter how useless they become. and these things accumulate over time, hence the 'clutter' post a month back. my late gramps had stashed away few thousands of japanese occupation currencies. see? she hoards, so do i. understandably, i had to rent an entire house to put my stuff. my big furniture includes:
  • bed
  • 2 pc tables
  • open wardrobe
  • 1 kitchen table
  • minibar
  • 1 bike
  • entire collection of wira tunggal (malay comix)
  • cds everywhere!!!
  • goodness knows how many boxes
but i've learnt that if i stack things nicely as often as i can, i manage to maintain neatness to a tolerable level (at least my dear dont go, yihhhhh why so dirty wannn)

well my car is a different story. i haul garbage everywhere. seriously.... i have a plastic bag in the car to put my trash as i dont park my car inside so im kinda lazy to haul trash back to the house everytime i return home. and i have numerous martial art belts and shoes in the back seat, files & folders. people who hitch a ride with me have to shift them aside or dump them in the boot which incidentally contains a pc speaker, my gym bag, a box of car tools, my biking jersey and more shoes. hahaha..i can practically live in my car.

always i try to reassure myself; hey at least i keep my garbage in the car. have u seen people throwing rubbish out of their car? i see them all the time, kids, even adults. plastic bags, tissue papers, no wonder their cars are so clean no? whenever i see these ppl, i have the urge to give them a good honk and ask them to pick it up.

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