Farewell iTh

iTh was my 1st contract job and my 4th job. Everyone was great, mayb they were just glad im leaving. Toward the end, i got pissed off more and more with the bug reports; they just couldnt make up their mind. I dont mind speccifications changing but not wwhen they chg frm a->b->c then back to a! it shows unprofessionalism, no foresight. and then i was fed the line that i shld get used to ppl requesting chges. yes, i am used to it but not when the chges revert back for no reason again! try chging a foreign key in a db from a->b then back to a, causing bugs!

i cant say im not glad to leave. there's a person who likes giving pop quizzes like we're in school, sarcastic enough to comment on others' code quality, someone who measure how long you've been to the loo. my suggestions were never taken into considedration due to the fact i was a contractual staff. someone even had the gall to imply that i dont care about the bug reports as i was leaving!

now im in RW and i just finished my db design and they actually liked it. and i've the foresight to prevent fk chges in the future. work is relaxed, the company is small, so far so good.

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