Subway Sandwiches

Ever since I saw the South Park episode where Jared got slim by eating Subway Sandwiches, I've been yearning to taste it (yah, im fat, cannot meh?) I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a Subway station at Masjid Jamek (it was obscured by the bus all this while and I'm usually late for work, hence no time to look see look see).

So after work, I went to get my virgin taste.

This cost me RM11.30!! Was supposed to be a turkey strip bacon kinda thing. But all they put were 2 measly starving turkey strips.. The rest was obscured by vegetables (pickle, lettuce) and a giant loaf of parmesan cheese bread. I'm a carnivour, I dont eat grass (tell you about my encounter with undigested vege later). My verdict: not worth it. With RM11.30, I can stuff myself silly in a KLCC food court.

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