A new beginning

This week marked new beginnings for me. I joined a new TKD & karate class & i actually had fun in both.

1. TKD - at IMU, which is only 10 minutes away. Classes on Tues & Thurs at 630pm which leaves me lots of time after class for my own P&R. It is under Koryo Academy (I have switched from Pahang -> UKM-> MATSA -> Moi). Hopefully this will be my last switch. Havent had a chance to meet the chief instructor yet, though.

2. Karate - at Section 17 under master Michael. Now that's what i called martial arts. Tkd has now become more of a hobby, while karate is more martial arts. This was my first karate lesson since 2001 (since i broke my knee). Fared surprisingly well, except for lack of stamina.

I've come to realize a few changes in myself since 1994 when i first joined my first martial arts.

Back then: i'd wear my dobok everywhere. cycle to class in my dobok, slip on the top & im ready to go.

Now: i'd go in my office attire. hunt for a toilet somewhere. change to my dobok while wearing office shoes (which looks really weird!), slip on my knee guards, check that my period does not stain my pants, paste on ache relief plasters on my shoulders and back. suck my gut in, getting fatter, so belt dont fit so well anymore.

getting old sucks.

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