An Accident

A lot of things have happened in the past week, circumstances that arranged themselves in such a way that the accident would not have happened had i chosen another path. Rings true what MT once told me abt life being all about choices. I was fetching some TKD juniors to a grading in Cheras. It was raining and i was tailing a Toyota. Was having trouble keeping up as my car kept skidding even on a straight road. When i took a corner exit at 80kmh, my car skidded and landed in a drain. Could only say shit while slamming on the brakes that failed to work as car went straight instead of taking the corner. When I finally stopped, right side of car was angled 45 degrees. Had to be pulled out. No one was hurt. But repairs will cost a whopping RM1600. Will never speed again.

Had I chosen any of these paths, nothing would have happened:
  • gone to GEnting the night before but I argued with MD
  • not waited for that China kid who came an hour late (it wasnt raining then)
  • changed my worn tyres
  • not tailed that close
  • not sped

Guess life just is a series of what-ifs.

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