Don't you just love animals

I witnessed for the first time yesterday the intelligence of dogs. I've always thought cats were more intelligent than dogs, seeing that cats are more street-wise. Dogs basically run at you tails wagging no matter if you just pet it or kicked it.

So anyways, I was @ M's house and was donning my fullface helmet. Past experience taught us that dogs cannot recognize us if we were wearing helmets. Bad vision, me thinks. M has this nasty habit of donning my Predator mask (for deco only!) and causing my dog to go berserk.

So I wore my helmet, grabbed a  broomstick and hit it against a pillar. We have 2 rotts. One male, one female. The female started barking like crazy, saliva flying. While the male looked at M for cue on what to do. He didn't bark, he was silent. You know that cocking of the head that dog sometimes do. Then he snapped at the female, as in lunged at her as if saying, "shaddap biatch, I'm trying to think whether this is a test!" and kept looking @ M for cues whether to bark/attack/shut the hell up.

Not once the male rott did this but several times. And the female dog did shut up. The male had the same look his father had when the breeder brought him out to display. That guy was massive (the dog, not the breeder) around 90kgs. We saw him from a distance. The breeder held up a ball and the dog just stared, focused. Now that's a trained and dangerous dog.

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