Maggi magic meals

So I do love cooking, altho partner does not like my cooking as its too oily.
I find cooking very destressing as I get to cut up stuff.
So maggi came up with this new magic meal pack where you put everything in a plastic bag and dump it into  a rice cooker.
There is also kari and kurma flavor but I opted for soy sauce.

Instructions called for onions,  I didnt have any, so i switched with garlic instead. For this meal. I used chicken breast as I dont like to pick bones from chicken, im lazy like that.
Cut the chicken into smaller chunks and dump it into the bag. Chop off the garlic and throw it in.
The sauce is in powder form. Pour it in.
Half cup of water is recommended. This depends on yr taste. Half cup results in thicker sauce. So if your like me and like things watery, then add more water.
Tie off the bag. Massage the pack from outside to ensure the marinate is evenly distributed. I made a mistake here and the result was clumpy sauce.

Throw it in the rice cooker along with yr rice. Press cook. When the rice is done, leave it on warm for another 25 minutes.

My opinion.... the result is not really fragrant. Even after I untie the bag. Its just normal chicken dipped in soy sauce. Good for an express meal though. I can easily do the same without buying a magic meal. Maybe the curry one would be better.

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