Discipline vs motivation

Thought provoking post by joel

Discipline doesn’t depend on your feelings. It happens whether or not you “feel” like it.Remove your brain from your equation. Your mind sucks. It will tell you all of the things you’re not capable of doing because it wants to protect itself. It wants to play it safe. It wants to be comfortable.
Meanwhile, your body will sit there and not say anything to the contrary even though it knows it canrun triathlonsmarathonsclimb mountains, and get a six pack if you just give it the chance.
Do a manual override. Tell your brain to shut up and just go do it anyways. Turn your brain off.
When you brain tells you it’s impossible, tell your brain,
That’s nice, I’m going to do it anyways.
Yes, this might mean that you’ll end up getting into arguments with yourself. Do it anyways.

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