updating my annual list

cigarette: no way
good cry: just now, kena slapped
library book checked out: no lib books, but currently reading misery by stephen king
movie seen: star wars1
book read: convict conditioning
cuss word uttered: cheebai
beverage drank: boss coffee
food consumed: spicy nudle
crush: that one la
phone call: that one la
tv show watched: fringe
time showered: 10pm
shoes worn: fake crocs
CD played: yahoo game
item bought: samsung galaxy S
downloaded: vampires suck 2010
annoyance: frequent sleeping when come over
disappointment: ppl say will online but break promise
soda drank: coke
thing written: blog post on cracking knuckle
key used:house key
word spoken: gdnight dear
IM: skype
sexual fantasy: got la
weird encounter: cheng ekin as lit fung
ice cream eaten: dont like ice cream
time amused: writing blogs
time wanting to die: none
time in love: sometime
time hugged: just now
time scolded: 2 week ago
time resentful: none
chair sat in: house chair
chapstick used:none
lipstick used:none
underwear worn: none
shirt worn: taerobic t shirt
time dancing: tarak
poster looked at: tiger 3d
show attended:cant remember
webpage visited: vworker.com


clothes: large is in!
mood: sneezy and sleepy
music: anything natural
taste: coffee
hair: gray alrdy
annoyance: why stil got pimples geh
smell: ange and demons by givenchy..sniffffffff
thing I should be doing: sleeping
desktop picture: fringe
refreshment: coffee
worry: split


Adino said...

That's a very nice list! Why you kena slapped?

hungheykwun said...

because ppl kiss then i never kiss back:D

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