fitness first vs true fitness

i've been a true fitness gym goer for 2 years. lately i've been invited to fitness first and boy was i impressed.
what ff had that tf lacks:
  • a hydration bar
  • a chill out area (i love this area to frequent during the switch between aerobic and strength drills)
  • brighter and cleaner sauna and steam room
  • staff are more friendly (they actually chat details with you, instead of fake tf welcome smiles)
  • lockers had locks
  • lockers had compartment for shoes
  • lockers had plastic bag for me
  • cleaner and spacier locker rooms

being in ff made me feel pampered and felt like i was in a resort.
being in tf made me feel like i was in a 1 star motel or a government gym

my bad experience in tf:
  • water cooler ran out of water (wtf)
  • faulty machines that are not repaired
  • dirty toilets
  • no locks for lockers


Sakai Amran said...

yes FF is much better. Am a member now 5yrs oledi. time fly flyyyyy... and they upgraded me to platinum leee fuyooooohhhh

Sakai Amran said...

halo, mana saya punya post??? Lu simpang dan buang dalam kandang kah?

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