i have a zombie fetish:
  • love all zombie related movies (resident evil, 24 days weeks later, land of dead ...)
  • read all zombie related books (cell)
  • play all zombie related games (house of the dead, resident evil, dead head fred..)
why i love zombies?
  • i like making my house into a fortress (albeit a small one) to defend against zombies. the back area is impenetrable due to a steel door. weak spots: balcony door (its wooden, gahhhh). samurai swords, weapons in every room
  • with zombie infestation, no need to go to work can internet everyday, yay
  • target practice
  • no more commercialism
  • travel the country on a motorbike
  • less assholes in the world and it will be more silent
some downside
  • the smell
  • electricity might be a prob but thats where batteries come in

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