read about 5xmom's a&w experience. here's my own:

i used to love a&w's fried chicken its really yummy until one day i took away and got expired chicken! u read right, a&w serving busuk chicken! it stinks. at first i thought mayb something was wrong with my taste buds but then the chicken tore apart easily and had slimy stickies when i tear the meat. gross right?! i brought it back to complain and they refunded my money but still!

also, if u notice when you order rootbeer if they ask you whether u want float with that, if you say yes, they will default and add 2 scoops for you. smart right? although actually you have option to say you want only 1 scoop but they won't bother to ask. i have tested this many times and they always do this.

even the rootbeer is watered down.

i'll never eat at a&w again if i can help it

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