ip man

the funny thing about this movie is that when u goto the cinema counter and say u wan a tix for Yip man, they dont understand you. u gotta go IP man, IP man!!! cilaka...

well, i caught the 1st half while waiting for other half to finish his gym and today managed to catch the 2nd half of it. 2 tix for 1 movie, u imagine. donnie yen u better say tq.

my review of the movie:
action sequence abit violent, geli la too hit someone til the blood spurt out

unrealistic parts which not only applies to this movie:
  • u think ppl will fall down with 1 punch? u wish la
  • u think keh leh feh will drop with 1 punch, but hero kena many times stil can stand and look cool?
  • u think husband and wife with a young kid only have monologues - eg: i go wash face first
  • u think yr wife that no longer has lots money stil can afford makeup and look nice
  • u think everyone is naturally gifted in wing chun or whatever, without practising or conditioning and just fighting a wooden dummy that doesnt move?
  • u think 1 person can fight 10 without sustaining injury or even breathing hard?
  • some char got or dont have also does nothing for the story line
apologies to donnie yen and samo hung, u guys stil rock

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Jessen said...

IMO, I'll give Ip Man 6/10. Basically Ip Man is too hero adi, that's why unrealistic. 1 vs 10, winning rate is 100% + perfect (no hp deduction).

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