heroes season 3

watching season 3 now after such a long wait. wan to bitch abt the characters.
mohinder is a faggot. all this while we wonder why he wanna help the heroes, actually he just want their power, no different frm sylar.

claire is balding. seriously.

sylar and his caterpillar eyebrows.

peter petrelli and his unsuccessful just cos i slick my hair back, i'm a bad guy look

hiro got fat

thank god i dont have to see micah the human maggi mee anymore

finally tmr dont have to work OT. morning will bfast with dear, then noon mayb gym or to the 2nd hand book store and sunway or ikea with ainey.

also need to do: online mag, post to lyn for the garage sale, finally start barter trade app, psp psp psp!!!!

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