have a bruised rib frm training. hurts to breathe, cough, inhale. feel like wanna die.
3 days off. maybe can heal in time.

dear came. spent the day together. bought groceries. went giant and tesco. didnt argue. yay
took a nap. walked the dogs

less coughing today. no class today. finally a break for me.
did my freelance. ordered pizza.
need to do some dear's work later.
resolve to do 200 punches on sandbag and some half squat on the resistance cords.
resolve to walk the dogs

plan to try a morning jog or walk with dogs
more freelance work
barter project? workflow r&D?

1 comment:

laney said...

my time rest lar...nonit do jogging or punches larrr...
ish ish

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