the day before i got lost in sunway piramid car park for an hour. yes, an hour. i told myself i parked at T19, mana tau every level had a T19. the cars stalking me while i searched for my car hoping for a space did not help matters. i asked a bangla where is T and i think u know he has no idea what a T is. then i dislocated my knee. with M waiting at home, i was really really in a rush.

bad enough i was having a spat with M, as i was walking to class, i got bombed by a bird. i noticed it flying overhead and next thing i heard a dripping sound. luckily, the bird did not have diarrhea that day. i put my hand on my hair and found his shit. crap. the rest of the class found me with wet dripping hair.

today just aint my day

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