saw this on spca. i have always seen horses with gleaming muscles and it was a shocker to see one all skins and bones. its alright if u dont want to donate, but please spread the word and dont ever do this to any animals..wat goes around comes around. i remember sheena, the dog who died frm starvation. all the owner got was a RM50 (or was it rm200?) fine. animal life is cheap. we have really lost our humanity.

here's a blog meme:

What you would do to people who starve animals:
  • starve them for days
  • chinese water torture (go wiki it)
  • community service at animal shelters (no cleaning dog poo by hosing, they have to scoop it up and no masks)
  • fine is good. but they have to pay the fine every month until the day they retire
to the ranch owner in SABAH, you are not fit to be human. if u behave worse than an animal, then u deserve to be treated lesser than one.

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