7 random facts (not that any1 cares)

1. i love to train m/arts. yep...anything that involves striking, punching & kicking. to take out the stress in life ma. heck i have a sandbag at home just for that.

2. i love retro and modern design furniture. i covet them, im always looking at catalogs of them but i cant buy them yet cos no house..i like wooden and glass furniture. an all glass coffee table and a daybed is cool.

3. the only way i pamper myself in my kiam sap life is a bi-monthly full body massage and caramel macchiato..slurps

4. i'm a gadget freak. i love to try out new technology. so sue me.

5. i love to read sometimes too fast that i give myself a headache.

6. i love to draw, using pastels, but not very well.

7. i stay by myself cos no one can tolerate me...seriuosly, i kicked my last tenant out cos he called me a bitch to my face (despite earlier warnings!)

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