• if radio DJs could sing, they'd be singers, not djs
  • repetitive ads in annoying manglish
  • repetitive songs that u cant get out of yr head
  • outdated traffic reports
  • managing to call thru for a contest but no one picks up
  • celebrity gossip (u googled and read them off the website, u think we dunno?)
  • annoying nasal (for ladies) and girlie (for guys) voices
  • we're NOT interested in your personal lives
  • jokes that fall flat, laughing at yr own jokes is lame..
  • callers who scream or wait excitedly to hear their own voice on radio, thus causing delays


Gallivanter said...

Radio stations are crap. We all know that. :-) I blogged about it some time ago...slagging of DJs in the process...

hungheykwun said...

gallivanter - tell me abt it..they're like running commercials with songs thrown in

Sakai Amran said...

Hei? watch your words ya....

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