Types of ppl in the LRT

It takes me 65 minutes to get frm my house in Puchong to KLCC.
I have to take the LRT and i despise it. I've noticed there are certain LRT stereotypes:

  • the type who can sleep anytime, anywhere: standing up, hanging on the hand rails, sitting down, leaning against the door
  • the t ype who stares at you like u got something on yr nose, and then looks away when you look back
  • the type who rushes in, without giving others the ability to disembark
  • the type who insists on squeezing into that wee bit of seat space
  • the book reader
  • the sms addict
  • the i-will-talk-on-myphone-from-kelanajaya-to-ampang-as-loud-as-i-wish
  • the type who dont shower so u can smell their fragrance
  • the door hogger
  • the pole squeezer
  • the type who looks at the floor and refuses eye contact with anybody
  • the type who breastfeeds in public
i hate the lrt.

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