Small doses of Lex

Describe your present state of mind.

Goddammn bored

Where do u usually hang-out?
Mines, IOI

Ever stepped on shit on the road?
Every damned day on my porch

Last movie u saw & with whom?
COnstantine. with suann

Most expensive thing u bought with your own $?
camera = 1108
pda = 999
phone = 1111 (holy shit dude!)

Good looks or brains?
Brains. Definitely

They say "you are who you hang out with".
I hang out with tkd fraternity, my x school mates

Have you ever fallen in love with a friend?
Just a crush that disappeared in a few days. THank god

What would u do if u caught your guy/girl & bestfriend sleeping together?

If you could be someone else for one day who would it be & why?
I'd be Jet Li or Mike

Ever punched someone?
At every tournament

What did that person say to you?

Which do u prefer? jollibee or Mac?

Wendy's or kfc?

Who would u choose, the one u love or the one who loves u?
the one who loves me

Ever broken someone's heart?

Ever had your heart broken?

What do u do to the ppl who broke your heart?
Nothing. Try to be friends. in vain

What's inside your bag?
Tissue. Wallet. Pad. PDA. Phone. A book that i write my thoughts in. Pen. Car key.

Fave past time?
TKD. Reading. Online pool.

Biggest regret in life?
Being born

Worst experience you've been through?
Broke a ligament

Best place you'd rather be?

Would u kiss on a 1st date?

Last time u cried?
Last month

Most embarassing thing u did for love?
Told him i loved him

Are u in love right now?
Yes, blissfully yes.

Is someone in love with u?
I hope so

Describe your past love life in songs.
If I never knew you

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