Tribute to pets

I've always loved animals. I grew up with a minimum of 2 dogs at a time. I remember Nicky, Koko, Rocky, Rambo, Buck, Remus and the latest ones; Angel & Hunter. And these are just the dogs.

I have also had Dr wai : a tortoise who grew to be so big i had to release him in a temple pond 2 years back.

Also Hercules & Maximus my dear mice, one who died of old age & one who died when my ex-bf accidentally (he says!) slammed the cage door in his tail.

Also had 2 hamsters : Yaksha & Shiva , one who got eaten by a cat and another who died of old age. My sis got me another one but it died under her care (hah!) when i went to Melb for 2 weeks.

Now i've got 2 persian hamsters who look suspiciously like mice that i've christened Michael & Gabriel, due to the influence of Constantine. Gabriel in the movie was potrayed as a very masculine female or feminine male , depends on how u see it. but it creeped me out. the depictions of heaven & hell & the influence of angels & demons in our lives. lucifer played a brief but brilliant performance though.

but im out of topic here. will do a constantine review later.

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