Food for thought

"today i saw a dog. from its size, i guessed it was a mongrel. it was sitting in front of the shop, looking at the passerbys. a man in a nice suit passed the dog, briefcase & all, handphone in one hand, pda in the other, and gave it a kick. the dog yelped and moved away. then an indian beggar passed me. he had just finished begging for food cos i saw him in the food court earlier. he got 2 buns, i think. the beggar was dressed shabbily, and his clothes were dirty. he passed me, then he passed the dog. he looked at the dog & the dog looked back. the dirty, smelly beggar gave one of his buns to the dog, patted it on the head & walked on.

i felt really small that day.

to know a man's real character, see how he treats his inferiors, not his peers."

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