yes, i dont like orphans

lemme tell u my experience for u
when i started working, my semangat berkobar kobar wan to do charity, give tuition to kids
so i started doing that at an orphanage owned by a church. it was house for indian orphans. they are the naughtiest bunch of kids who dont wan to help themselves (ranging frm 5-16) with really really short attention span, managed by a patron lady.

my fren was really gung ho (maybe trying to make herself feel better abt herself), buying them gift out of her own pocket. we had set tuition every wednes. after a month i left. let me tell u why:

- the orphans had beds ( i slept on a mattress)
- they had big 32" tv (i dont have a tv)
- they had a washing machine and dryer and fridge(i dont)
- they broke the gifts we gave them
- they shifted house without telling us (we arrived for tuition, found they shifted)
- they went to pasar malam on the day they suppose to tuition without telling us

yeah maybe its not all their fault , then they had a really bad irresponsible patron.

so if u wan to waste yr time helping orphanages like these, its up to u. why not use the time to make more money and donate to other charities like hospice instead? just my 2 cents

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