cutting grass

what do you do to de-stress?

some ppl sleep, some ppl scream, others tear paper, for me when i am overstressed, i cry. but lately, i've found a great way to vent my stress/anger/frustration. i used to have a gardener come monthly to cut the grass. he charged rm15 for a small patch of grass (u know the standard compound u have for 20x70 houses). so i got fed up waiting for him to come (grass was growing up waist high thanks to me dog's natural fertilizer) & bought a grass trimmer.

It's a motor powered revolving thing (looks like a metal detector) that has plastic string that revolves to cut grass. sounds cool huh, think again! first, it was effective in cutting 5 blades of grass and then the string broke off. its supposed to auto-extend, which resulted in me (mechanically inept) having to pry the motor off to pull the string out. this is not an easy task i tell you. then after huffing and puffing and triumphantly fixing the problem, i start the motor & now it started braiding the grass! seriously, it knitted the grass into braids. then it turned out, i did not screw the cap on tight and spring sproing-ed out frm the trimmer, smack into the waist high grass. how to find? disgusted, i threw the trimmer away.

Result: pretty, braided grass but still waist high
grass juice on my shirt (green dye)

hence i bought shears (which i wanted to buy in the first place but was lazy, hah served me right!) & a glove (hey my compound littered with dog poo ok). RM9.95 frm giant. anticipating a sweat-filled morning, i chged into shorts and proceeded to scissor in & out. my dogs came running out to see what i was doing. busybody, right? what if i cut off their tails? it was bliss watching the grass fall & then scooping em up in the bag. dunno why.. maybe its the satisfaction of cutting something & just sweating it out. or maybe its the standing up & seeing a neat lawn. anyways, i cut a few feet a day after work to de-stress and it really helps. now i know why ppl list gardening as a hobby. give it a try.

DIE grass DIE!!! muahahaha

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